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The Man Behind the Brand

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Steve Nijjar

CEO & Founder

Mr. Nijjar is a successful business owner with a passion and love for the sport of Soccer (Football), which has driven him to explore and conquer many different aspects of the discipline. With many years of experience on and off the field, Mr. Nijjar continues to inspire and train many aspiring athletes to greatness.


Mr. Nijjar’s expertise on the subject stems from a successful career as a professional Soccer player. He had amazing coaches and mentors along the way and was coached by Canada’s own nationally renowned goalkeeper Dick Howard. In 1986, he was invited to England to practice with Chelsea, West Bromwich and had a great stint with both Wolverhampton Wanderers and Queens Park Rangers. The young star then moved on to play for Toronto Blizzard Soccer Club from 1987 to 1989.


The professional player also produced and starred alongside Erik Estrada in the soccer feature film “The Final Goal” (1985). This motion picture was distributed in 68 countries. Mr. Nijjar went on to produce and star in 4 more action films. Not limited to the big screen, this multi-faceted man also produced and starred in “Soccer Dreams” a first of its kind reality show in Canada. The television programme, in which the opportunity to win a 2 year contract with the Everton Football Club was given, aired on Fox Sports.


From competing to coaching, Mr. Nijjar now shares his valuable expertise with the future generation and is currently working with Toronto Football Club and runs Soccer Camps in Brampton to initiate a talent hunt and facilitates training for future Soccer professionals. With pride, he bought the first franchise team for the city of Brampton and brought this professional soccer team to compete in The Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL). Before doing so, for 2 seasons in a row, even the top coaches could not bring this team past second last place. When Mr. Nijjar decided to take on the team as head coach, in just one season, he was able to bring the team from second last place to first, bringing home the championship for Brampton. The City of Brampton is now on the map for soccer and this can be largely accredited to the hard work and dedication of Mr. Nijjar. Based on his experience, ability and reputation as a master tactition, he was chosen to coach The Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL) All Star, which played against TSV 1860 Munich. Mr. Nijjar has developed many kids and he continues to work with and train aspiring stars in Brampton and has found success in forming players to qualify and play provincially.


A man of many talents, Mr. Nijjar also holds the title of professional boxer. He learned the art of boxing under the tutelage of the well respected and seasoned boxing coach Adrian Teodorescu. Mr. Teodorescu was the owner of Atlas Boxing and most recognized for coaching Lennox Lewis to Olympic gold at the 1988 Seoul Games. Mr. Teodorescu approached Mr. Nijjar after a fight, seeing his potential, despite being in his thirties and turned him from an amateur fighter to a pro at 165lbs. Mr. Nijjar has trained and fought on the same card as Trevor Burbick, the heavy weight champion of the world, Billy “the Kid” Iwrin and many other Canadian champions.


“My highlight would have to be training alongside the likes of Lennox Lewis, a heavyweight champion and many other world and Canadian champions. Training alongside these champions was truly learning experience. The struggle as a fighter while training and fighting  really taught me a lot about myself and made me the individuality am today. ” – Mr. Nijjar